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The Cause And Solution For The Common Problems During Polishing Process
May 22, 2018


The cause: 

1. The particle size of polishing powder is uneven or it with some big size of impurities

2. Working environment is not clean

3. Auxiliary polishing material( polishing gel etc.) is not clean

4. The wipes is not clean or the workers bring some dusts

5. The remaining scratch from last procedure or Incomplete cleaning

6. The examination tools of aperture is not clean, or the methods is wrong

7. Polishing pad is too hard or over-long lifetime

8. Polishing film is not match the plate

9. Auxiliary procedure caused


1. Choosing the right items(particle size)

2. 5S 

3. Taking care of the things you need

4. Operator must wear overalls

5. Self-examination

6. Using the tools correctly

7. Choosing the right polishing pad and it need to be replaced regularly

8. Re-producing polishing film

9. Operating each steps strictly


The cause

1. The time of fine polishing is not enough 

2. The polishing surface is not uneven or far from the edge

3. Broken scratches is remaining

4. Edge flaw in the rectangle polishing

5. Glass parts moved when polishing 

6. Surface error is too big to polishing edge fully

7. Long life time for polishing pad or polishing slurry


1. Polishing time should be enough

2. Number of rings match well, should be polished from edge to central

3. Should be marked and re-polished 

4. Notching, fine polishing, adding polishing sand evenly. 

5. Using the right adhesives, control the temperature. 

6. Number of rings must be matched

7. Replacing the polishing pad and polishing slurry regularly