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Rare Earth Polishing Powder Polishing Ability
Apr 17, 2018

The polishing ability of the rare earth polishing powder is closely related to the content of the cerium oxide and the physical and chemical properties of the polishing powder such as viscosity and chemical activity. Rare earth polishing powders generally containing a high amount of niobium oxide have a strong polishing ability, but high niobium rare earth polishing powders are expensive, and widely used are low-bismuth rare earth polishing powders. Fluoride and sulfate-containing additives are usually added during the preparation of the rare earth polishing powder to produce fluoride and sulfate. Rare earth polishing powders containing fluoride and sulfate generally have better polishing properties. For example, China's commonly used XP-771, XP-CF rare earth polishing powder has an average content of cerium oxide of only 50%, but all contain fluoride and sulfate.