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Polishing Powder Composition
Apr 17, 2018

The polishing powder is usually composed of yttrium oxide (VK-CE01), alumina (VK-L30F), silicon oxide (VK-SP50F), iron oxide, zirconium oxide (VK-R30F), chromium oxide and other components. Different materials Different hardness, different chemical properties in water, so the use of different occasions. The Mohs hardness of alumina and chromium oxide is 9, yttria and zirconia are 7 and iron oxide is lower. Cerium oxide and silicate glass have higher chemical activity and hardness and are therefore widely used for glass polishing.

In order to increase the bismuth oxide polishing rate, fluorine is generally added to the bismuth oxide polishing powder to increase the grinding rate. The rare-earth mixed rare earth polishing powder is usually doped with 3-8 fluorine; the pure yttria polishing powder is generally not doped with fluorine.

For ZF or F series glass, because of its small hardness and high fluorine content of the material itself, it is better to use a fluorine-free polishing powder.