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Polishing Fluid Xz-pg05 Features
Apr 17, 2018

1, can be drip, drip dry so far. The nano polishing solution xz-pg05 can be used repeatedly. It has no large particles and is extremely convenient to use. The nano oxides in the polishing solution xz-pg05 are uniform in size, there is no particularly large particles, and no scratches are generated on the polished object. After polishing with polishing solution xz-pg05, the material will be bright as a mirror.

2, polishing brightness and stability. The polishing liquid xz-pg05, in which the nano-oxide has a small particle size, has a good polishing effect, does not generate scratches, and has a strong nano-oxide hardness. Can be used for a long time to ensure the service life.

3, the use of polishing liquid xz-pg05 processed workpiece surface bright and beautiful, bright color, bright eye-catching, but also can prevent the workpiece rust, maintain and improve the surface gloss of the workpiece, play a role in cleaning the workpiece and abrasive. Remove oil, soften the surface of the workpiece to accelerate wear, reduce the impact of the abrasive on the workpiece, and improve the workpiece conditions.

4. The polishing solution xz-pg05 is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-perishable, etc. In the finishing efficiency, the grinding quality of the work, the polished finish and so on. The polishing solution xz-pg05 showed its unique effect.