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Introduction Of Polishing Slurry
Apr 17, 2018

Nano-oxide polishing solution xz-pg05, used nano-alumina, nano-silicon oxide, nano-titanium oxide and nano-niobium oxide, these nano-oxides are excellent choices for polishing materials, polishing solution xz-pg05 stable, place It can be mixed with other polishing liquids without any clear water for a long time. The polishing solution xz-pg05 can be used to throw acrylic, precious stones, etc. It can be used for precision polishing materials, glass products, metal products, semiconductor materials, etc. Plastic, tape, sanding belt. Polishing liquid xz-pg05 is used to modify the surface of the workpiece to obtain a smooth surface or mirror gloss. The high-speed rotating polishing wheel presses the workpiece, so that the polishing liquid xz-pg05 generates rolling and micro-cutting on the surface of the workpiece, thereby obtaining light. The surface roughness of the machined surface is generally Ra0.63-0.01 micron.