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Red Cerium Oxide Polishing Compound

Red Cerium Oxide Polishing Compound

Red cerium oxide polishing powder is a efficient abrasive for the polishing of glass. The high performance made it very popular in the glass industry. Welcome to enquiry.


red cerium oxide polishing compound 

1.Product Introduction of red cerium oxide polishing compound 

The main content is CeO2, with less La203,Pr6011, Nd203 and F

Normally, the more CeO2, the stronger of polishing ability. But Polishing powder with 85% CeO2 compared with polishing powder with 40% CeO2, the performance only improved by 15%. That is say, the elements effect the performance of polishing powder are manifold. 

Chemical composition of red cerium oxide polishing compound

Chemical composition






Other content


Factors that would influence the performance of polishing powder:

1.The particle size: determine polishing accuracy and speed

2.Mohs rating: means hardness. The more harder, the stronger cutting power


4.Crystal Polymorphs

5.Color:  red powder with Pr6O11, white powder without Pr6O11

2.Product ParameterSpecification of red cerium oxide polishing compound 

Item No.ColorParticle sizeParticle size(D90)Component
BKA-1200ARed1.0-1.5μm≤4.14μmCeO2 60-70%
La2O2 30-40%
Pr6O11 ≤ 6%
Other ≤5%
BKA-1660Red1.5-2. 0μm≤5.6μmCeO2 60-70%
La2O2 30-40%
Pr6O11 ≤ 6%
Other ≤ 5%
BKA-1300Red2.5-3.5 μm≤7.39μmCeO2 60-70%
La2O2 30-40%
Pr6O11 ≤ 6%
Other ≤ 5%
BKA-230ARed0.7-1.1μm≤3.0μmCeO2 60-70%
La2O2 30-40%
Pr6O11 ≤ 6%
Other ≤ 5%

3.Product Feature And Application of red cerium oxide polishing compound

mobile phone cover glass rough polishing ,fine polishing and scratches remover

optical lens polishing, precision optics glass polishing

TFT-LCD glass polishing

Flat glass edge polishing, surface clean, also mirrors.


4.Particle Size Distribution Example


5.Why choose us

Pre-Sales Service

Prompt reply and 24 hours online, professional team to provide best price and high quality 
Sample testing support.
Every batch of products will be tested to ensure its quality.

factory inspection is allowed

After-Sales Service

The fact of logistics information monitoring. 
Any questions about the product can be consulted at any time. 
Product has any problem can return.



6.Packing & Shipping


Net Weight:20 kg/carton
                     25kg/plastic drum                     
Delivery Time
                      within 15 days after payment 



Q:What's the TREO of your Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder for glass polishing?
A:Our Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder TREO is 96%min

Q.What's your MOQ of Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder for glass polishing?
Q.How about your Raw Materials?
A.We only select the 100% Rare Earth Concentration as raw materials
Q.What's the partilce size of the Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder for glass polishing?
We can also produce according to customer requestment
Q.What's the application of your Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder ?
A.Optical Eyes Glasses,Flat Glasses(wafer),Mobile Control Panel,LCD Glass,Windshield Glass,Diamond,Crystal... 


          image026.jpg         image028.jpg          image030.jpg
1.For the small amount (less than 60kg), we will use express (TNT            FedEx), which is convenient.2. Over 80kg it can be shipped by     air3. Over 200KG can be shipped by     sea. LCL or FCL are both available.

9.Cooperationg Partner


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