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Optical Glass Cerium Oxide Compound

Optical Glass Cerium Oxide Compound

Cerium oxide polishing compound used for optical glass, provide from China factory who is specialized in cerium oxide polishing powder more than ten years. Stable clients included in LG Chemical, CORNING, Samsung Electronics.


optical glass cerium oxide compound

1. What's the Component of optical glass cerium oxide compound?

The main components of cerium oxide polishing powder are cerium oxide (CeO2), followed by La2O3, Pr2O3, LaOF, and trace amounts of silicon oxide, aluminum oxide and calcium oxide . 

2. Product Description 

Chemical Name:optical glass cerium oxide compoundimage013_副本.jpg
CAS No.1306-38-3
ColorWhite,yellow,red brown powder
Mol. Wt.172.12
True Density7.13 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Melting Point2400 Centigrade
solubilityInsoluble in water and alkali, slightly soluble in acid

3. Polishing powder under microscope


4. Haozhi product recommendation

No.Article No.Product NameParticle sizeParticle size(D90)ComponentColor
1BKA-1010Polishing Powder1.0-1.5μm≤4.14μmCeO2 60-70%White
La2O2 30-40%
Other ≤ 5%
2BKA-101APolishing Powder1.5-2. 0μm≤5.6μmCeO2 60-70%White
La2O2 30-40%
Other ≤ 5%
3BKA-1630APolishing Powder2.5-3.5μm≤7.39μmCeO2 60-70%White
La2O2 30-40%
Other ≤ 5%
4BKA-1200APolishing Powder1.0-1.5μm≤4.14μmCeO2 60-70%Red
La2O2 30-40%
Pr6O11 ≤ 6%
Other ≤5%
5BKA-1660Polishing Powder1.5-2. 0μm≤5.6μmCeO2 60-70%Red
La2O2 30-40%
Pr6O11 ≤ 6%
Other ≤ 5%
6BKA-1300Polishing Powder2.5-3.5 μm≤7.39μmCeO2 60-70%Red
La2O2 30-40%
Pr6O11 ≤ 6%
Other ≤ 5%
7BKA-230APolishing Powder0.7-1.1μm≤3.0μmCeO2 60-70%Red
La2O2 30-40%
Pr6O11 ≤ 6%
Other ≤ 5%


5. Manufacturing process


6.Product Feature And Application of optical glass cerium oxide compound 

Optical glass

ITO glass


Cover glass and protective glass


7.Company Advantages

Prices: we can quote you low price due to we are direct manufacturer

Quality: Products certificated with ISO SGS etc.

Service: Strong R&D team and qualified engineers, good sales and after-sales departments to meet any requirements.

Production capacity: Advanced production equipment with more than 200 skilled workers to guarantee in-time delivery!

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