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Cover Glass Cerium Oxide Compound

Cover Glass Cerium Oxide Compound

Cerium oxide polishing compound is considered to be the most efficient material for cover glass polishing, produced by China top factory – Haozhi who has experience for more than ten years. Samsung Electronics is our long-term client for polishing powder.


cover glass cerium oxide compound

1. Product Introduction of cover glass cerium oxide compound 

Rare earth polishing powder for mobile phone glass contained CeO2, La2O3, the rare earth elements has become the main polishing material for mobile phone glass polishing process in many factories.

Product Name



CeO2 Content

Polishing powder




2. Product Description of cover glass cerium oxide compound

CAS NO :1306-38-3

Mol Fm : CeO2

Prop. : light red , white , light yellow powder

Insoluble in water

3. Product specific parameter of cover glass cerium oxide compound

No.Article No.Product NameParticle sizeParticle size(D90)ComponentColor
1BKA-1010Polishing Powder1.0-1.5μm≤4.14μmCeO2 60-70%White
La2O2 30-40%
Other ≤ 5%
2BKA-101APolishing Powder1.5-2. 0μm≤5.6μmCeO2 60-70%White
La2O2 30-40%
Other ≤ 5%
3BKA-1630APolishing Powder2.5-3.5μm≤7.39μmCeO2 60-70%White
La2O2 30-40%
Other ≤ 5%
4BKA-1200APolishing Powder1.0-1.5μm≤4.14μmCeO2 60-70%Red
La2O2 30-40%
Pr6O11 ≤ 6%
Other ≤5%
5BKA-1660Polishing Powder1.5-2. 0μm≤5.6μmCeO2 60-70%Red
La2O2 30-40%
Pr6O11 ≤ 6%
Other ≤ 5%
6BKA-1300Polishing Powder2.5-3.5 μm≤7.39μmCeO2 60-70%Red
La2O2 30-40%
Pr6O11 ≤ 6%
Other ≤ 5%
7BKA-230APolishing Powder0.7-1.1μm≤3.0μmCeO2 60-70%Red
La2O2 30-40%
Pr6O11 ≤ 6%
Other ≤ 5%


4. Manufacturing process 


5.Usage instruction

1. Usage amount(normal) : adding  1 Ltrs deionized water when using 80~100g  polishing powder. 

2. Keep the proportion during 1.05-1.1 (measured with Hydrometer)

3. String them well around 10-15 minutes to make them disperse completely.

no special requirement for temperature, in normal would be OK.

4. Ready to use on machine.

This is only reference for mobile phone cover glass.

You need to adjust according to the actual situation

6.Product Feature And Application of optical glass cerium oxide compound 

high accuracy of rare earth polishing powder, is suitable for the covering glass processing technology of touch display screen glass. 

(1)It uses rare earth carbonate as raw material, made red-brown polishing powder, apply to polish cover glass.
(2) The average particle size from 1.4 to 2um, the largest particle is less than 10um can meet the accuracy requirement of cover glass.
(3)It has high polishing speed, good suspension, and easy to clean.


image008.jpg 2D image010.jpg2.5D


7. Packing and Storage 

Size:260 (L) * 26 (W) * 28 (H)
30* 32(H)



8.Company introduction 

We have strong R&D team and efficient workshop. We strongly believe that through our good service, we could help our customer increase research efficiency and reduce product costs.
We welcome every business partners to visit our company.


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